25 JAN – 24 FEB – Sensory / Receptor on thread and field.

“Within the same neuron, a receptor can potentially cause local current to flow to an area capable of generating an action potential by opening”
We are wired to receive. We look with our eyes but see with our brains.
A universal process but a highly individual and subjective interpretation. How to watch?

A group exhibition with an abstract basis in which the line is the common thread and where the installation specially made on location by the artist Jake Kelly is the connecting factor of the composition of this exhibition. Geraldine Kol, Pieter Lemmens, Dirk Slootmaekers, Suzanne Somer, Johannes Steendam, Andreas Kempe, Muxingye Chen +

NL Contemporary / WTC The Hague Art Gallery

Galerie El

Galerie Ursula Walter

Neck of the Woods Rotterdam

Rotterdam Artweek 2024
31 January – 4 february 2024

Thursday 01-02
Friday 02-02
Saturday 03-02
Sunday 04-02
10.00-19.00 uur.

Exhibition opens at Neck of the Woods on the 25th of january 2024 and lasts till the 24th of february 2024.Regularly open Thursdays: 15:00 – 19:00 Friday & Saturday 13:00-17:00
Neck of the Woods, Heer Bokelweg 157, Katshoek, Rotterdam

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