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29 Nov – 13:00 – 17:30
Artist: Jos van Merendonk
The community of the painted

From Sunday November 22, we are showing a group of new paintings by Jos van Merendonk in combination with private collection owned works from 1992. All sized 1x1 meter.

Due to the coronavirus, we have slightly changed the opening ritual and Jos van Merendonk will be present on several Sunday afternoons.

Upcoming is 29 November and thereafter 13 December.

These afternoons - with a maximum of 10 people in our 125 m2 space - are also safe for a chat at the back of the gallery, outside and covered. And spread well in the afternoon from 1-5.30 pm. Take your time and space. It's not necessary to make a reservation, so you might have to wait for a couple of minutes and we do wear a mouth mask inside. Very welcome!

Artists: Elisabeth Klement and Katja Mater
Time is an Arrow, Error ‒ book launch

Page Not Found is delighted to invite you to the launch of "Time is an Arrow, Error", the new publication by visual artist Katja Mater, with a text by Amelia Groom and designed by Elisabeth Klement. During the launch, Katja and Elisabeth discuss its making. Please note reservation is required to attend this event. You can get your free ticket here.

Time is an Arrow, Error brings together 79 clocklike images that were made between March and May 2020 at home. Each spread brings together two sides of a clock-face, flipped, rotated, mirrored. Combined with 26 notebook pages.


Two clock-faces are staring at each other.

They are two sides of one thing, as different as they are the same.

They move as two bodies revolving around each other, into a tender embrace.

A kiss, made of time, in time.

Mirrored shape shifters, their hour-numbers climbing on each other's shoulders.

Running up against the limits of their own usefulness, clocklikeness.


Some of these works will be on display during the weekend at Page Not Found.