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Artists: Katja Mater and Salome Schmuki
Dare Not | Read On (projection and discussion)

Poetry is the birthplace of the modern artist's book. With its upcoming program, Page Not Found pays tribute to the interplay between visual arts, poetry and publishing by inviting poets and artists to share their work alike. As pendant to the deliberate poetic act, Page Not Found invited Katja Mater to present her on-going project regarding dyslexia. The work she developed for this project, a double film projection echoing her recent exhibition at P/////AKT (Amsterdam), will be shown for the first time. Katja will also discuss with her guest, designer Salome Schmuki, whose publication “Dyslexia – Chunking Along A Straight Line – At The Crossing Turn Left” investigates this disorder as a graphic design problem.

Katja Mater graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and was resident at De Atelier (2003-2005). Recent exhibitions include “Dear Sides” (P//////AKT, Amsterdam, NL), “Hmmmmm” (Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam NL), AMATEUR (Helper, New York, USA), 47th International Film Festival Rotterdam, “Bye Bye de Stijl” (Centraal Museum, Utrecht NL), “Tiled, some times in my office” (ltd los angeles, Los Angeles USA). “Multiple Densities”, her monograph, is published by ROMA Publications. In November 2018, Mater received the NN Group Art Award, an incentive prize for exceptional talent. She is part of the editorial team of Girls Like Us magazine.

Salome Schmuki studied graphic design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, where she began collecting research material about dyslexia and readability. Interested in different strains of dyslexia and how it occurs in various languages and writing systems, she approaches the topic from the perspective of a designer and a reader. Her publication “Dyslexia – Chunking Along A Straight Line – At The Crossing Turn Left” gathers the results of her inquiry, a project based on her typographic practice combined with scientific research. Seeking a dialogue with readers of different types, she investigates many aspects of the printed word, revealing its complex, challenging and arbitrary nature.

Opening: Emma Talbot – Sounders of the Depths

Do you want to be among the first to visit the exhibition Emma Talbot - Sounders of the Depths? Join us for the festive opening on 25 October.

From drawings and sculptures to textile and sound: the faceless women created by Emma Talbot (b. 1969) take many forms. Talbot’s multimedia work explores human existence as a dreamlike, sometimes oppressive experience somewhere between the conscious and the subconscious, the everyday and the mythical. Poetry, light materials, flowing lines and decorative patterns are all distinctive elements of her work. Sounders of the Depths at GEM is Talbot’s first solo museum show outside her native United Kingdom.

Curated by Languid Hands (Imani Robinson and Rabz Lansiquot)
Artists: Black Quantum Futurism (Camae Ayewa & Rasheeda Philips), Deborah Cameron, Imani Robinson, Languid Hands, Rabz Lansiquot, Rebecca Bellantoni, Shenece Oretha and Zinzi Minott
Opening event: Towards a Black Testimony

In 'Towards a Black Testimony', the London-based artistic and curatorial duo Languid Hands (comprised of Imani Robinson and Rabz Lansiquot) brings together artists, thinkers, writers, listeners and speakers, wanderers and wonderers, to explore the complexity of Black Testimony. In the exhibition space of Stroom Den Haag, Languid Hands will present their new moving image work 'Towards a Black Testimony: Prayer, Protest, Peace' (commissioned by Jerwood Arts, London, UK). During this interactive public program at Stroom, Languid Hands has commissioned artists to respond to their work in a series of interventions, discussions and performances, with contributions from Black Quantum Futurism (Camae Ayewa & Rasheeda Philips), Shenece Oretha, Rebecca Bellantoni and Zinzi Minott. Languid Hands has also invited Deborah Cameron to facilitate a series of workshops with young People of Color, engaging with themes of Black Testimony in the context of The Hague.

Program of performances
Times and schedule will follow soon.

After the program on Saturday there will be an afterparty at The Grey Space in the Middle. Organized by Narges Mohammedi. More information will follow soon.

01 Nov – 19:00 – 23:00
Artist: Bernice Nauta
Opening Bernice Nauta – Hello Echo

1646 is delighted to present the new installation by Bernice Nauta (b. 1991, lives and works in The Hague). Join the opening celebration to view the exhibition with a drink in hand!

Her exhibition Hello Echo is an exploration of authorship, repetition and plurality within one’s psyche. What does authorship mean when behaviour is often copied? With Hello Echo, Nauta shows a double of the same exhibition at 1646, an echo in and of itself.

09 Nov – 17:00 – 19:00
Artist: Anouk Kruithof
Opening Transformagic

Transformagic is a solo exhibition by Anouk Kruithof in which she translates her artist's book and also sculptural object ‘Automagic’ into an exhibition at Heden. It concerns a selection of flat photographic images from her book ‘Automagic’. The photos are printed on flexible materials such as paper, PVC and plexiglas and are combined with three-dimensional found objects. In this way they are transformed into fascinating installations. In the exhibition Transformagic, Kruithof takes the viewer on a journey of discovery into the infinite possibilities of the medium of photography and a trip to wonderful places of her nomadic existence.

15 Nov – 20:00 – 23:00
Curated by Melchior Jaspers & Julia Mullié
Artists: Daniel van Straalen and Wim T. Schippers
Opening 7 year old me

The sensitivity towards language, humour and the banality of the everyday are central topics in the exhibition 7 year old me. Nest shows Wim T. Schippers and Daniël van Straalen in a unique collaboration. In a playful, but serious manner, they attach value to seemingly worthless things. By disrupting existing, albeit invisible codes, the artists throw you back onto your own intuition, in which the anti-climax triumphs.

In the run-up to the exhibition, Schippers and Van Straalen are in frequently in contact. They have written, challenged each other and together they have broken their heads about all kinds of questions. 7 year old me shows new and familiar work by both artists.

15 Nov – 20:00 – 22:00
Artists: Anna Arov, Margarita Osipian and Martijn van Boven
The Poetics of Space

The first artist's books were made by poets. With its upcoming program, Page Not Found pays tribute to the interplay between visual arts, poetry and publishing by inviting poets and artists to share their work alike. Artist and poet Anna Arov will host a cross-genre performance evening, inquiring how space, code, science fiction, and poetry shape artistic research and practice. She chose artists who have engaged with these topics: Martijn van Boven will talk about using NASA as his artistic co-creator, Margarita Osipian will perform live video inspired by the resonance between poetry and physics. She will read from her chapbook The Last Question, which is a libretto about space travel.

Anna Arov is a Russian/Canadian poet and artist living in Amsterdam. She teaches writing at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Anna is an editor with Amsterdam based literary and art journal Versal and co-curates the cross genre performance series, VERSO at Mezrab in Amsterdam. Her poems have appeared in various literary journals and collections, including Beecher’s Magazine and SpringGun. Anna is the author of The Last Question (Dancing Girl Press, Chicago 2018).

Martijn van Boven (1977) is a visual artist from Amsterdam, with a focus on experimental films and computer generated art. His work is expressed through installations, films, collaborations with composers, and cinema performances. Van Boven has been the head of Interaction Design at the ArteZ Institute since 2012 and teaches Media Archeology.Van Boven received his credentials at the Image and Sound department of the Royal Art Academy in The Hague. He has been focused on abstract filmmaking since 2000, co-founded the Hague’s TAG Media Center in 2003, and in 2005 joined the curatorial team of Sonic Acts, the Netherlands-based festival operating at the intersection of art, music and science. He currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

Margarita Osipian is a Belarusian born, Canadian raised researcher, curator, and cultural organiser living and working in the Netherlands. Margarita works at the intersections of art, design, and technology; organizing collaborative projects both in formal institutions and in more precarious and fleeting spaces. Holding an MA in Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam and an MA in English Literature from the University of Toronto, her research has focused on visual culture, technology, and the carceral state. Margarita is part of The Hmm, a platform for digital culture; a member of the Hackers & Designers collective; and is the art editor for Versal, an art and literature journal based out of Amsterdam. She has done programming and curated exhibitions for the Salwa Foundation, TodaysArt, Bits of Freedom, Hackers & Designer, the W139, and Mediamatic, amongst others.

Image credit: "Walzkörpersperre" by Martijn van Boven

Artist: Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen
OPENING The limits of borderlines marginality margins and peripheries.
Artists: Alex Farrar and Guus van der Velden
The Kippenberger Challenge // Eyelash Prints

Visual artist Guus van der Velden recently undertook the Kippenberger Challenge — an open invitation to equal Martin Kippenberger's average printed output of 7,45 books per year. Van der Velden will present the body of work he produced for this challenge and discuss Kippenberger’s mantra of “Heute denken, morgen fertig.”

The same evening, visual artist Alex Farrar will launch his new publication, "Wimper", with texts by Nicola Oxley and Nicolas de Oliveira, and David Price, interspersed with 81 new eyelash prints made on a risograph.

Guus van der Velden (1989) lives and works in Eindhoven. He received a BA and MA Sculpture from KASK (Ghent). Selected exhibitions include “checkraisefold” (SECONDroom, Antwerp), “Php #4” (The Pink House, Antwerp), “Prospects & Concepts” (Van Nellefrabriek, Rotterdam), “L’invention du Quotidien” (Wallspace, Eindhoven), “Part Tarp” (Part Parts, Nevele, BE).

Alex Farrar (UK, 1986) received BFA’s from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and Leeds Metropolitan University, after which he completed a two-year residency at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam. Recent solo exhibitions include ‘Secondary Emotions (i)’, de Appel arts centre, Amsterdam, ‘Secondary Emotions (ii)’ at Dürst Britt & Mayhew, ‘Code Duello’, Loods 6, Amsterdam, and ‘Self-Titled’ at Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam. Recent group exhibitions include ‘Prospects and Concepts’, Art Rotterdam, ‘Summer Fete’, Ceri Hand Gallery, London, ‘Mostyn Open 18’, Oriel Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno, ‘Young British Art II’, DIENSTGEBÄUDE, Zurich. Both in 2014 and 2015 he won The Best Dutch Book Designs for two of his publications.

Artist: Bernice Nauta
Hello Echo – Background Evening: Bernice Nauta

Accompanying each solo exhibition, 1646 asks the artist to develop the content for a Background Evening. The Background Evenings nurture a direct interaction between the audience and the artists in an event based on discussion and exchange.

This time, during the run of her exhibition Hello Echo, The Hague-based artist Bernice Nauta will provide the Background Evening and we have another surprise lined up!

22 Nov – 20:00 – 22:00
Artist: Lisa Robertson
Reading by Lisa Robertson

The first artist's books were made by poets. With its upcoming program, Page Not Found pays tribute to the interplay between visual arts, poetry and publishing by inviting poets and artists to share their work alike. This evening, organised in collaboration with KABK Master Artistic Research, will see acclaimed poet Lisa Robertson read from her prolific oeuvre. Robertson’s poetry is known for its subversive engagement with the classical traditions of Western poetry and philosophy, combining avant-garde techniques with classical poetic concerns and traditional literary touchstones while eschewing both conventional poetic forms and lyrical directness in favour of an elliptical and philosophical approach.

Lisa Robertson (born July 22, 1961) is a Canadian poet, essayist and translator. Robertson studied at Simon Fraser University (1984–1988) before becoming an independent bookseller (1988–1994). Since 1995 she has been a freelance writer and teacher. Her many essays on the contemporary visual arts, published in gallery and museum catalogues since the mid-1990s, are collected in her 2003 book Occasional Works and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture. In 2006, Robertson was a judge of the Griffin Poetry Prize and Holloway poet-in-residence at UC Berkeley. From 2007 to 2010 she taught at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. In Fall 2010 she was writer-in-residence at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. In Spring 2014 she was the Bain Swigget lecturer in Poetry at Princeton University. In 2018 she received the Foundation for Contemporary Arts C.D. Wright Award. Her first novel, The Baudelaire Fractal, will be published by Coach House Books in 2020.

08 Dec – 15:00 – 17:30
Artist: Warffemius
book launch Warffemius – sculpture

book launch Warffemius sculpture