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25 Sep – 16:00
Curated by Jules Rochielle Sievert
US: Care

In our series 'Uncertainty Seminars': a special edition about 'Care', curated by artist organizer Jules Rochielle Sievert. The two-day event takes place both on location at Stroom (limited seating) and online through streaming. The on site moderator is: Marc Allen Herbst.
We will examine how artists become engaged in activating or supporting systems of mutual care, dignity and respect. The sessions function as a platform for our guest artists and their performative actions, for conversations, workshops, and community building sessions. The time we spend together - offline as well as online - will offer all participants a generative space to reflect and build dialogue around interlocking themes of solidarity, resistance, and connection around topics such as care, mutual aid, housing insecurity, citizenship, gender, co-dependency, inequality, alienation and belonging.
Guests present: Foundation We Are, Louwrien Wijers and Egon Hanfstingl, Marc Allen Herbst and Ali Schwartz, We Sell Reality, Maartje Fliervoet, Martín La Roche Contreras and Arefeh Riahi, Karina Zavidova, Natasha Falkov, Matthijs de Bruijne and Cecilia Vallejos
Online only: L'Merchie Frazier, Gloretta Baynes, Ngoc Tran Vu & Sean Desiree and Trans Boxing.

Graphic and spatial design: The Rodina

Artists: Christian van der Kooy, Esther Hovers, Johan Nieuwenhuize, Miguel Peres dos Santos, Milene van Arendonk, Nadine Stijns and Sandra Uittenbogaart
OPENING: Capturing Corona. The lockdown in photos

Over the past months the Hague photographers Milene van Arendonk, Esther Hovers, Christian van der Kooy, Johan Nieuwenhuize, Miguel Peres dos Santos, Nadine Stijns and Sandra Uittenbogaart captured the impact of the coronavirus on public space. This resulted in a collection of unusual and exceptional photographs. Sometimes you will recognize the location where the picture was taken, but more often the emphasis is on feelings and emotions. For the opening of the exhibition 'Capturing Corona. The lockdown in photos' you are required to book a time slot (due to the strict corona measures). Starting times are: 15, 16, 17 and 18 hrs. There is a maximum of 30 people per time slot. So be quick and book your ticket now. Go to

Invitation design: Welmer Keesmaat | photo: © Christian van der Kooy ('Godetiaweg - Den Haag - 18:34 - 09 mei 2020')