until 06 Jun
Artists: Henri Wagner, Hidenori Mitsue and Philippe van Gele
What If

An exhibition by Henri Wagner, Philippe van Gele and Hidenori Mitsue

until 07 Jun
Artists: Dan Zhu, Martin Assig, Ronald Versloot and Tobias Gerber
Drawing Now

In Drawing Now four artists participate, arcadic but at the same time mysterious landscapes by Ronald Versloot, new works of Martin Assig from his St. Paul series. Their works will also be futurely presented at Drawing Now Paris which has been postopned until futrher notice. Tobias Gerber (D) made a series of gouaches titled 'Aus der schwarzen Kiste' (From The Black Trunk) in which you look out of a dark trunk through a keyhole. In the pawn-like recess you see landscapes in which man has intervened in one way or another. Dan Zhu debutes at the gallery, she shows detailed and delicate scenes in which nature is presented in a stage like setting.

Artist: Lucassen
Lucassen – The Joy of Painting

In art, a romantic landscape traditionally evokes melancholy and stimulates the imagination, with dense forests and inhospitable mountains interspersed by serene meadows, all rendered with technical skill, often for maximum effect. Dutch artist Lucassen (b. 1939) put an entirely different twist on the concept in 1965 when he painted a flat image of a palm tree, mountains and a setting sun, and used a Mondrianesque fragment to introduce a strong note of irony. Romantic Landscape with Palm Tree is quintessential Lucassen: defiant, uncompromising and provocative. It was recently donated to Kunstmuseum Den Haag and will shortly feature in Lucassen – The Joy of Painting.

Artist: Kati Heck
Kati Heck – Haruck d’orange

German-born Antwerp-based artist Kati Heck (b. 1979) is regarded as one of the heirs of German expressionism. Her work recalls the bars, dancers and actors depicted by Otto Dix and George Grosz, and is also reminiscent of the Old Masters. With humour and a sense of absurdity she dissects the world around her, recreating it as a universe entirely of her own making. Any search for a clear narrative in her paintings, sculpture and films will be in vain. Heck provides no certainty, leaving everything up to our imaginations.

Artist: Navid Nuur
Navid Nuur – I am because of you
Artist: Cesare Pietroiusti
A Variable Number of Things

From mid-February, the artist Cesare Pietroiusti will succeed the Taiwanese artist Tehching Hsieh with the second one-year-long exhibition. This exceptional exhibition model is reserved for prominent artists with a distinctly exemplary role. Just like in the work of Hsieh, Pietroiusti is not focused on art as an object, but on life itself as a form of art. Since 1977, Pietroiusti has built up a very impressive oeuvre with a continuous flow of presentations. At West he will show a monthly changing selection of his works in the ‘corner offices’ of the former American embassy. Varying from early works and ‘artworks to be ashamed of’ to works that have never been shown or are new.

Artists: Marijn van Kreij, Philomene Pirecki, Pim Voorneman, Robert Holyhead, Samara Scott, Tahmina Negmat, Tomas Rajlich and others
Entre ’21  + accents from a private collection

Pim Voorneman has made an installation for Parts Project in respons to the Unlocked/Reconnected project as initiated by the galleries Dürst Britt & Mayhew and tegenboschvanvreden.
Entre '21 (French for 'in between') is the title of the work that makes the current transition phase from 'closed' to 'open' sensory perceptible for art institutions.
Sand behind the front door, burning candles in a 19th century wall appliqué and the space-filling sound of a live radio broadcast from the BBC World News make the space a twilight zone. Entre '21 is a spatial installation where time and place are placed in the current perspective of the now. It is also an antechamber for the second space, a small intimate space with some works from a private collection (including Samara Scott, Philomene Pirecki, Robert Holyhead, Marijn van Kreij, Tomas Rajlich and Tahmina Negmat).

Curated by Akiem Helmling
Alphabetum VII: Writing Writing

Writing Writing embodies six manifestations of expanded approaches to 'writing', demonstrating and explaining the way each contributor says 'yes, and...?' Writing Writing is an exhibition of new work by six individuals who work in multiple modes of creative production, notably as researchers, designers, educators, writers, artists, and critics.

Each explores various juxtapositions of the connotative and the denotative through writing (e.g: literature) and writing (e.g.: composition). Each conjures lyrical/poetic form in both the text and how it is composed — creating something that is ‘haunted’ (in the sense of Derrida’s “hauntology”) by a sense of the inchoate and the evanescent.

Writing Writing explores the intersection of this work by Matthew Monk, Laura Rossi Garcia, Chris Ro, Randy Nakamura, Gail Swanlund, and Ian Lynam.

06 Jun – 12:00 – 17:00
Artists: Henri Wagner, Hidenori Mitsue and Philippe van Gele
Finissage: What If

An exhibition by Henri Wagner, Philippe van Gele and Hidenori Mitsue

07 Jun – 15:00 – 17:30
Artists: Bob Bonies and Cor van Dijk
Bob Bonies & Cor van Dijk

paintings Bob Bonies and sculpture Cor van Dijk

07 Jun 19 Jul
Artists: Bob Bonies and Cor van Dijk
Bob Bonies & Cor van Dijk

duo show paintings Bob Bonies & sculptures Cor van Dijk