US: There, There

Artists: Open Weather (Sophie Dyer and Sasha Engelmann), Shannon Mattern, Eline Benjaminsen and Elias Kimaiyo, Tabita Rezaire, Claudio Ritfeld, KABK alumni

US: There, There

Talks, performances, presentations and screenings about unusual methods to bridge physical, figurative, and metaphorical distances.

During the 'Uncertainty Seminars' Stroom Den Haag looks at the world around us in an intuitive and unconventional way. The upcoming edition 'US: There, There' presents unusual methods to bridge physical, figurative, and metaphorical distances. Artists have long challenged representations of distance depicting the world. Feminist cartographies, speculative mapping, challenge these rational, instrumental representations and can contribute to seeing the world differently.

PROGRAM 9 October (t.b.c.)

Open Weather - 'Satellite Seance' (screening)
Shannon Mattern - 'Mapping Nothing' (talk)
Eline Benjaminsen and Elias Kimaiyo - 'Footprints in the Valley' (presentation)
Tabita Rezaire - 'Deep Down Tidal' (screening)
Claudio Ritfeld - 'Identification Obligation pt 2' (performance)

To attend this event on location at Stroom there are 20 tickets available (7,50 incl. dinner). The event can also be followed live via a live stream. Afterwards, during Museumnacht Den Haag, there is a special film program with work by artists from The Hague centered around the theme of distance. The five works were selected through an open call aimed at KABK alumni.

Image: Claudio Ritfeld, 'Identification Obligation pt 2' (courtesy the artist)
Curated by: Lua Vollaard & Ilga Minjon

09 Oct 16:00 - 19:30
Hogewal 1, 2514 HA Den Haag


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