Uncertainty Seminars: Shaping Time (online)

Artist: Oddkin, Ana María Gómez López, Denise Ferreira da Silva & Arjuna Neuman, Meenakshi Thirukode, Joeri Woudstra, Robbie Barrat

'US: Shaping Time', the latest edition of 'Uncertainty Seminars', examines how art is able to imagine and shape the future. In a year in which the suppression of a global pandemic has been our first priority, it has often felt like we are back at square one. Spending so much time at home can feel like being slowed down at the same time as being sped up. And although this "pandemic time" may feel never ending, it also provides opportunities to imagine radical alternatives to the way we organize our societies: mass gathering, policing, office work, low budget flying, and even democracy have all had their end proclaimed recently.
For 'US: Shaping Time' we invite seven artists, theorists, composers, coders, curators and filmmakers to puncture the bubble of "pandemic time". The program features a board game on the way the Covid pandemic has accelerated the end of mink fur farming in The Netherlands; a film that challenges the notion of time itself; a discussion on the international allyships needed to remake the art world from the principles of transformative justice; a visual essay that connects the lives of dinosaurs to the possibility of outer-space utopias; and an audio-visual performance that questions why the end of the day looks like the end of the world.

Image: Joeri Woudstra, Radiate, May 5th 2020 at 2.36.

20 Mar 16:00 - 20:00
Hogewal 1, 2514 HA Den Haag


until 05 February


Alexandre Lavet
Dürst Britt & Mayhew
Galerie Ramakers
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until 28 February


Arjan van Arendonk
Project 2.0 / Gallery
WTC The Hague Art Gallery
Madé van Krimpen Gallery
until 02 April

The Chiral Gate

Paul DD Smith
West Den Haag