Artist: Ádám Ulbert

Join us on the evening of Tuesday 11 July for the closing event of Ádám Ulbert’s residency at 1646. During the event, Ádám will do a lecture performance while showcasing his most recent developments on his project Pannonian Sea Perspectives.

During his residency at 1646, Ádám continued working on his project based on a painting of 20th century Hungarian painter Dezső Mokry-Mészáros, titled 'Life on alien planet (Devilhead) 1908'. The artist is researching the painting’s intellectual origins and its natural environment. Having space for research at The Hague’s shore thus formed the perfect situation for Ádám to draw, paint, write and carry out field studies to further develop his project.

Through writing, Ádám reflects on ‘deep time’ (or geologic time) and the origin of planet Earth through the ‘Gaia theory’ of scientist/environmentalist James Lovelock. He also writes about how late 19th and early 20th century vitalist-ecologist theories – like the ‘ontology of animation’ by Sergei Eisenstein – affected the general cultural mindset of certain artists and thinkers at the time, forming the basis of what ecological thinking is now. With that, Ádám also reflects on the role of algae and seaweed in our ecosystem, and on how they are indispensable for life on Earth.

In his lecture performance at 1646, Ádám will remark on the sun, water and algae. He will read his ‘solar-fictional’ story, introducing us to a species of characters called the ‘unnamed’.

Besides doing a lecture performance, Ádám will also show his video animation and a small series of paintings that he worked on during his residency at 1646 the past month. Join us on Tuesday 11 July from 19:00 onwards. Ádám’s lecture performance starts at 19:30 and will last for 30 minutes.

Ádám’s residency was made possible through a collaboration with the Budapest Galéria.

11 Jul 19:00
Boekhorststraat 125


Paviljoensgracht 20, 2512 BP Den Haag
Galerie Maurits van de Laar
Gallery Nono
Museum Rijswijk
West Den Haag