Spinning the Stars

Artist: Maura Biava

Maura Biava is fascinated by hidden laws of nature. The observation that certain forms often repeat themselves led her to incorporate the mathematical investigation of nature into her artistic practice. According to Maura Biava, every regular shape in nature can be traced back to three basic principles: raw material, a mathematical formula and the energy needed to make it. Biava works according to these principles: the action of her hands provides the necessary energy, a mathematical formula determines the shape and the material of the work of art is raw material. It is a working method that does not arise from the desire to imitate nature, but to merge with it and become an integral part of it.

Her search for the codes that determine nature led to the development of an interdisciplinary artistic practice, in which performances, photos, video installations and sculpture are intertwined.

Until 14 November
Harteveltstraat 1


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