Paul DD Smith in conversation with Anna M. Szaflarski

Artist: Paul DD Smith, Anna M. Szaflarski

Join us for an evening of getting to know Paul DD Smith’s artistic practice from a different angle! This evening, Paul will be present and will give us a short introduction to his exhibition at 1646. Later, Paul will go into conversation with Anna M. Szaflarski, who is a writer, artist and artist-book publisher.

Organising experimental writing workshops, Anna developed exercises inspired by a blend of somatic, surrealist and dada writing exercises, and improvised theatre. The commingling, harmonic behaviour and immaculately slimy conception that are themes in Paul’s exhibition at 1646 are also the jump off point for a special edition of Anna’s workshop that is organised with, and will be given at Page Not Found earlier on this day. Find more information about the workshop via

During the Background Evening, Paul and Anna will talk about the workshop and how Anna’s practice has informed Paul’s practice.

Feel free to join us on Thursday, March 16th from 19:00! The program starts at 19:30.

16 Mar 19:00
Boekhorststraat 125


Dürst Britt & Mayhew
Galerie Ramakers
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The Chiral Gate

Paul DD Smith
Galerie Maurits van de Laar
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