Oysters chapter one

Artist: Bertrand Fournier

You are most welcome for the opening Sunday 2 April from 15.00 - 17.00h.

Bertrand Fournier's paintings are inspired by his daily life, and he aims to extract the essence of things while simplifying them as much as possible. He finds that symbolism is currently the best way to describe his work.

Fournier is a self-taught painter who started painting by chance in 2016 with his daughter. His hobby soon became a passion and then an obsession. He started to publish his paintings on Instagram to get feedback from the public, and his work soon gained attention from galleries and the international art scene. He has exhibited his work in various cities, including Miami, LA, Sydney, New York, Barcelona, London and Amsterdam.

Fournier's paintings balance between abstraction and figuration, symbolism and minimalism. His use of color is strong and outspoken, often with a vintage touch. He also uses cheeky titles to give small clues regarding the unfamiliar figures and compositions in his paintings. Fournier's lines are clear and decisive, while his use of oil paint gives his paintings the right visual aspect and texture on the canvas. He is continually striving to improve his art and achieve perfection.

For the new series "Oysters chapter one," Fournier took a two-year break to conduct research. The new forms he has created are the result of his instinctive brush strokes, which have been born from intuition. Gallery Nono is proud to host the exhibition of this series for the first time in the Netherlands.

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