OpZicht: Yeon Sung – ‘Matters, Acts’

Artist: Yeon Sung

'Matters, Acts' is a spatial-media installation by Yeon Sung, an artist-researcher and graphic designer based in both The Hague and South Korea. Her presentation is a demonstration of the re(de)construction of her artistic practice, placing 'matters' - such as copper and PM2.5 (an air pollutant) - at its center. By releasing these matters in a chroma key-green domain the installation transcends the interface between the physical space and the pixelated realm of the internet in real time. The public is invited to enter this physical and virtual space.

OpZicht is a presentation space for promising, newly registered artists from The Hague in the lobby of Stroom Den Haag. Here the invited artists can share their work, passion or interest with the audience.

Until 01 August
Hogewal 1, 2514 HA Den Haag


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until 11 December

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Stroom Den Haag
until 18 December


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