Ondertussen: Laura Snijders

Artist: Laura Snijders

At the beginning of September Laura Snijders started converting our Ondertussen space into a temporary studio, from which she can work towards a presentation that will gradually develop and unfold over time. As a point of departure she asks herself what the role and meaning is of the human body in the context of her work and her art practice. A question that begins with an on-site investigation into how her own physical body relates to the space and to the body of the other. Snijders approaches this question like a playful investigation, with lots of interaction and exchange.

Since Laura Snijders graduated from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague (Department Fashion and Textile) in 2018, her art practice has developed from fashion design towards autonomous visual research.

By means of the Ondertussen program Stroom regularly show presentations in response to the subsidy requests submitted within the framework of Stroom's PRO and SPOT grants. The presentations are intended to illustrate the wealth of ideas present in the applications and the diversity of the grant system. It can be an (interim) report of a (research) project, a study trip or for example a network presentation. The presentation is in the hands of the artist.

Until 17 October
Hogewal 1, 2514 HA Den Haag


until 06 November


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until 07 November

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