Artist: Daniele Formica

In his Ondertussen presentation Daniele Formica reconstructs the results of his artistic exploration and reflection that started in September 2020.

The artist combines a selection of notes, byproducts, memorabilia, relevant images, works in progress and finished pieces. Daniele Formica is inspired by Umberto Eco's essays on ‘mnemotechnics', a term that refers to possibility to organize memory in similar ways like language. Goal of mnemotechnics is to investigate into the capacity and potential of memory. Formica considers his own artistic practice as a process-based and open-ended mnemotechnic. He came to this realization after studying depictions of the resurrection of Christ and Etruscan necropolis sites. Burial sites and sepulchers are much more than places to remember the dead. They also are attempts to formulate an understanding of the forces and dimensions that lie just one step beyond our comprehension.

By means of the Ondertussen program Stroom regularly show presentations in response to the subsidy requests submitted within the framework of Stroom's PRO and SPOT grants.

Until 12 December
Hogewal 1, 2514 HA Den Haag


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