Life drawing in Sol Calero’s exhibition

Artists: Sol Calero, Nice Flaps (Annemarie Wadlow, Alejandra López Martínez)

Join us on July 7th for a life drawing session within Sol Calero’s exhibition 'Los vestigios de La Turista' at 1646, hosted by artist initiative Nice Flaps.

Consider perception; using the medium of drawing to question how things change depending on the perspective which is being looked from. Nice Flaps invites you to retell a story that has already been re-told, to reinterpret a space that is already a translation of a 'somewhere else'. For the life drawing session, two models will guide you through some of the dualities present in the work and thought processes of Sol Calero; past-future, reality-fiction, interior-exterior, memory-imagination. Drawing materials and strawberry daiquiris will be provided.

Our door opens at 18:30 and the drawing session will take place from 19:00 till 21:00.

Sign up for the event here (max. 15 spots):

Nice Flaps is an artist initiative formed with the unanimous aim to gather and observe together; to provide time and space to concentrate, to look, to be; without an outcome in mind other than contemplation itself. The initiative offers two hour, non-taught, experimental drawing sessions hosted in different locations in and around The Hague. Nice Flaps works with models, artists, and their artworks, facilitating an alternative means of audience interaction through life drawing. The initiative is run by artists Annemarie Wadlow (b. 1993, UK) and Alejandra López Martínez (b. 1992, ES).

07 Jul 18:30 - 21:00
Boekhorststraat 125


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