Double Belge

Artists: Stef De Brabander and Roeland Tweelinckx

Double Belge is an exhibition in which both artists incorporate humor into their art, albeit in different ways. De Brabander translates amusing anecdotes, while Tweelinckx often integrates humor subtly and hidden within his work

Stef De Brabander never starts with a blank canvas; this is why he often uses recycled materials as a foundation. He is an artist who carefully considers whether an artwork is finished or not. As a painter, he acts as a translator of an amusing anecdote, searching for imperfections. He covers and uncovers with color, resulting in playful and colorful artworks.

Roeland Tweelinckx is subtle and adapts to each new situation and space, often in a humorous manner, but just as frequently concealed, contrary, and invisible to the inattentive visitor. Be vigilant when attending his presentation. Nothing is what it seems; a house is not a house, and a house is not a house. - Frederik Vergaert -

Until 29 October


Paviljoensgracht 20, 2512 BP Den Haag
Galerie Maurits van de Laar
Gallery Nono
Museum Rijswijk
West Den Haag