Cultural Remittance Pawnshoppe Episode 4: The Moon and the Shapeshifter

Artists: Mimi Mondal, Bharathy Singaravel, Clara Balaguer, Meenakshi Thirukode

Page Not Found presents the final chapter of “Cultural Remittance Pawnshoppe”, a cycle of events curated by Clara Balaguer and Meenakshi Thirukode (Instituting Otherwise). For this last online gathering Mimi Mondal and Bharathy Singaravel will unfold their archetypes “The Moon” and “The Shapeshifter”.


To Be Determined (Primary Cell: Meenakshi Thirukode and Clara Balaguer) build a series of long distance remittance sessions at Page Not Found, featuring people who are intimate with migratory realities as a lifestyle that begets archetypes for a practice. Whether by fleeing further South, draining towards the North, or exiting contested “centers” and “canons,” their work explores what exists on the margins, not because it lacks value but because it has been grossly misclassified—by empire, patriarchy, casteism, or any other intersectional oppressions—as unremarkable.


Mimi Mondal is a Hugo- and Nebula Award-nominated author of science fiction and fantasy and a columnist writing about history, politics, technology and futures. Her novelette “His Footsteps, Through Darkness and Light” was shortlisted for the Nebula Award in 2020. Her first book, “Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia E. Butler”, co-edited with Alexandra Pierce, received the Locus Award in Non-fiction and was shortlisted for the Hugo Award in Best Related Work and the British Fantasy Award in Non-fiction, among others, in 2018. She currently lives in New York.

Bharathy Singaravel is a reporter for The News Minute. She covers caste and Tamil Nadu politics besides writing features on Tamil cinema. She has previously written for The Wire, Scroll, Caravan, The Fedaral, TNM, Newsclick and others.

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This event takes place online. Join the livestream via the link below.

Starts at 17:00 The Hague time, 11:00 New York time, 21:30 New Delhi time.

Image: portrait of Mimi Mondal

17 Dec 17:00
Boekhorststraat 126-128


Sinarts Gallery
West Den Haag
Stroom Den Haag
until 07 January


Baha Görkem Yalım
until 13 January


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