Artist: David Roth

After David Roth‘s recent successful solo presentation at Vienna Contemporary Dürst Britt & Mayhew is proud to present ‘Augensex’, an intimate presentation in the Frontspace.
David Roth’s artistic practice forms a long-term research into the origins, processes and manifestations of painting. For Roth the process of making and the element of chance involved are as important to notice as the final visual outcome. Therefore a so called end product as for example a painted canvas and side products as for example a palette or a piece of cloth for cleaning brushes, have the same value for him. Every surface with marks and history of the process may turn up in his works.
Time and duration are important elements and the layering of materials from different periods within one work can either spark dissonance or renewal. Roth’s works continually play with concepts of construction and deconstruction as well as with the performative and sculptural potential painting can possess.
‘Augensex’ displays a concise variety of works: a selection of recently finished small-sized paintings that have been created over a period of six to ten years; two watercolours on paper from the series ‘Action Paintings’; and a so called ‘Combine Painting’, which consist of one stretched and one unstretched canvas hung together.

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