An evening with Daniele Formica

Artist: Daniele Formica

Daniele Formica invites you to this special event at Stroom Den Haag, in the context of his current Ondertussen presentation. Daniele will tell you more about it himself:

"On the second of November I will take the hand of the audience and guide them through the universe of references, feelings, claims and unanswered questions that I have experienced and encountered throughout the development of my yearlong process. I will do this using words, gestures, facial expressions, silences. There will be a time for the audience to ask questions and a time for the audience to propose new routes, inspiring ideas, references, images, provocations and/or new fields of study that can contribute to this abstract thinking process."

"The 2nd of November is All Souls Day, the day of commemoration of all deceased Catholic faithful as well as an ordinary day for many others: experiencing the friction between remembrance, contemplation and collective intimacy on the one side and the carrying of daily tasks on the other has regularly intrigued me on this day, and that is why I have chosen it for the event to take place."

02 Nov 20:00 - 22:00
Hogewal 1, 2514 HA Den Haag


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