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Artist: Aaron van Erp
Drawings 1998-2018

Aaron van Erp (NL/PY) – Drawings 1998-2018

until 23 Mar
Artist: Manfred Schneider
Helio Trope Sleep

Manfred Schneider (D), Helio Trope Sleep, video, drawings, paintings

Curated by Marcel Wesdorp
Artists: Gerco de Ruiter, Marcel Wesdorp, Rob Verf, Robin Kolleman and Ron van der Ende
Continuous Diversity
until 31 Mar
Curated by Maria Rus Bojan
Artist: Paul Neagu

For the first time, Romanian/British artist Paul Neagu (Bucharest, 1938 – London, 2004) exhibits in The Netherlands, at Parts Project! The work of Paul Neagu is widely collected by the most important international museums as well as private collectors from all over the world. Both in his country of origin, Romania, and in England, his adopted country, he was embraced by the professional art world as one of the major conceptual artists of his time. He knew his way around in almost all media and did not restrict his experiments to his activities as a sculptor, painter or as a graphic or performance artist. In addition, he applied all conceivable new techniques that were being discovered in his time, such as 3D installations which often required the participation of the public. In consequence, he is unquestionably regarded as the visual arts pioneer of the 70s and 80s, who approached art from a philosophical rather than from a professional competence perspective. This enabled him to influence a whole generation of British artists like Anthony Gormley, Rachel Whiteread and Anish Kapoor who regarded him as their mentor, rather similar to how he in his turn looked upon Brancusi as his mentor.

Anish Kapoor wrote about Neagu in his necrology in The Guardian: “He was an influential teacher in that he had an international outlook, which was perhaps his main legacy to his students. His intellectual clarity was refreshing in an era when ‘making’ seemed to be more important than ‘thinking”.

His works can be found in public collections including, among others, the British Museum, London, le Fond départemental d'art contemporain, Bobigny, France, the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, Dublin, the Musee Cantonal de Beaux Arts, Lausanne, the National Museum of Art of Romania, Bucharest, the Philadelphia Art Museum, Philadelphia, Tate Gallery, London and various private collections worldwide, including The Netherlands.

Artist: Alex Farrar
The exhibition will be titled after its installation

In most of his works Alex Farrar refers in one way or another to the human body. He uses objects or materials that carry the imprint of a body (or part of the body), visualises physical behaviour (like sweating), deploys discomforting human habits (like biting fingernails) or creates sculptures that resemble body parts. In "The exhibition will be titled after its installation" four distinct series of new works –night sweat paintings, semblable forest, gestalt corniche and ‘umble prints– will coalesce in a scene that combines residues of the lived body with paranoiac visions and pataphysical logic.

until 31 Mar
Artist: Ralph de Jongh
front space

Coinciding with the solo show by Alex Farrar, Ralph de Jongh presents his recent work in our front space.

until 13 Apr
Curated by Nadine van den Bosch
Artists: Bob Eikelboom, Daan den Houter, Janine van Oene, Juliaan Andeweg, Katja Mater, Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács, Sander Breure en Witte van Hulzen and others
New arrivals

From 20th of March until 14 April Heden shows her latest acquisitions from renowned artists. The gallery shows works by Katja Mater, who was honoured during Art Rotterdam 2019 by the NN award. Also on view are the video The Fallen of Persijn Broersen; Margit Lukács and the spectacular and popping paintings of Juliaan Andeweg. Other works to be seen in this show are works of Sander Breure en Witte van Hulzen, Daan den Houter, Bob Eikelboom, Janine van Oene and others.

Artists: Charl Landvreugd, Crystal Z Campbell, Dean Bowen, Em’kal Eyongakpa, Jaro Varga, Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum, Pieter Paul Pothoven, Sulaïman Majali and others
History is His Story

they say that history repeats itself
but history is only his story
you haven’t heard my story yet
my story is different from his story
my story is not part of history
because history repeats itself
but my story is endless it never repeats itself
why should it?

– Sun Ra

“History is His Story” is a group exhibition that expands on the mythical world as described by the musician, poet and visionair, Sun Ra. At a young age, he became fascinated by the scientific research of Cheikh Anta Diop: one of the founders of Pan-Africanism, scientist, linguist and politician, who believed he could prove that the Egyptians were black. That there were black thinkers and rulers at the fundament of civilization encouraged Sun Ra – who was born Herman Blount but legally changed his name to Le Sony’r Ra in 1952 — thus naming himself after the Egyptian sun god Ra – to explore cultural heritage. Within the domain of art, performance and music – Sun Ra created a means for people to take possession of a more fair narrative in history and subsequently a future in society. For Sun Ra, history, as it was commonly portrayed in Western cultures, was a lie, an illusion used to exert power over other cultures. He wanted to offer an alternative conception of history and therefore focused on myth. The artists in this exhibition have a shared interest in making new mythologies and reinterpreting those that already exist. More than looking into the future, they orient themselves on the methodology of Sun Ra – the questioning of heritage and its reinterpretation.

Artist: Assemble
Transnational Interstate Art Agency

Can an embassy become a place of solidarity and exchange? West has invited architecture and design collective Assemble, winners of the 2015 Turner Prize, to develop a new project for the former US Embassy. Inverting the symbolism of this monumental historic building, which, until now, has always been closed off to the general public, Assemble have created a ‘space in progress’, that invites visitors to join in and become agents of its transformation. Assemble are a multidisciplinary collective, working at the intersection of architecture, design and art.

Artist: Roland Maas
Solo exhibition Lucky Star |  Roland Maas

In Roland Maas' first solo exhibition at Hoorn & Reniers, entitled 'Lucky star', he approaches subjects like sexuality, gender identity, individual freedom and social norms. His installations and paintings are characterized by strong imagery and outspoken statements.

Artist: Pauline Curnier Jardin
I still send you a lot of affection and I kiss you through my denture

1646 was enchanted by Pauline Curnier Jardin’s video works ‘Grotta Profunda les humeurs du gouffre’ and ‘Coeurs de Silex’, observing the sense of pleasure the artist experiences with the medium. What is implied by 'medium' here is not simply video, but rather ‘her’ medium: the combination of a great cinematic eye with a love for the theatre of the absurd, experimental music, as well as a fascination for storytelling in all its abundance. Because Pauline has this power, she can make you dive into any kind of story, even if it’s the possible feelings and desires of eight objects, as she does in Le Salon d’Alone (2010), an ‘objects optic’ opera.

After seeing her intriguing installation at the Rijksakademie, 1646 had their first studio visit with Pauline in 2016 and fell in love with her work straight away. She then already spoke passionately about her yearly pilgrimage to a procession and how fascinated she was by it and by trying to find a form for the project. Now, three years later, 1646 are very happy to collaborate with Pauline in the developments and research of this project and all the rich complexities it has gained on the way.

until 12 May
Artist: Erwin Olaf and others
Erwin Olaf

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and The Hague Museum of Photography are to honour one of the Netherlands’ most famous photographers, Erwin Olaf (b. 1959), with a double exhibition. Olaf, whose recent portraits of the royal family drew widespread admiration, will turn sixty in 2019 – a good moment to stage a major retrospective. The Hague Museum of Photography will focus on Olaf’s love of his craft and his transition from analogue photojournalist to digital image-maker and storyteller. Olaf will himself bring together some twenty photographs by famous photographers of the past who have been a vital source of inspiration to him. Gemeentemuseum Den Haag will show non-commissioned work by Olaf from 2000 to his most recent series, including the work he produced in Shanghai and another series never before seen on public display. Olaf will be showing his photography in the form of installations, in combination with film, sound and sculpture. ‘We will be setting up the galleries in such a way that the exhibition is a journey through my head,’ says Olaf. ‘Visitors will be able to wander through my mind.’

Artist: Isabella Rozendaal
Isabella Rozendaal – Isabella Hunts

For more than ten years now, photographer Isabella Rozendaal (b. 1983) has been following hunters in different countries and cultures, from the Netherlands’ Hoeksche Waard to the Amazon. She is driven in this quest by two questions: what is it like to be part of the food chain in an industrialised society, and what does the concept of ‘wilderness’ mean to modern humans?

until 12 May
Artist: Candice Breitz
Foreign Agents

Candice Breitz is internationally known as a very empathic and outspoken artist. With her video installations, she shows an enormous involvement with the world and she focuses on the role of the individual in society. She investigates the dynamics between people, where dialogue forms the centre stage. According to Breitz, art can stimulate dialogue and change the perception of the observer. West is proud to present two of her large-scale video installations for the first time in the Netherlands.

Curated by zero sharp
Artists: Jean-Pierre Brisset, Marcel Duchamp and Raymond Roussel
Engineers Of The Infra-Thin

Jean-Pierre Brisset, Raymond Roussel and Marcel Duchamp belong to a family of inventors who have explored the realms of meaning, language and representation by means of linguistic and artistic procedures, technical devices and (pseudo- or para-)scientific methods.

Roussel famously created a writing method – his „procédé“ – which in its most simple form consisted of a painstaking construction of two almost identical phrases, which have entirely different meanings – an equation of facts to be solved by filling the gap of meaning between the sentences with a coherent narration. Brisset asserted the amphibious origins of human languages by developing his own system of homophonic puns, unearthing a forgotten language behind our everyday words. The work of Marcel Duchamp can be regarded as a synthesis of Brisset and Roussel with his obsessive interest in puns and minimal – „infra-thin“ – differences (between male and female, between the third and the fourth dimension, between objects of everyday life and objects of art etc.), his fascination with chess and his experimentation with optical devices.

Curated by Huib Haye van der Werf
Artists: Anonymous and Diego Tonus
Fragments of a Conversation with a Counterfeiter

The project 'Fragments of a Conversation with a Counterfeiter' by Diego Tonus and Anonymous contributes to a discussion about the transformation of value. The series of new works exhibited derives from an assumed conversation between the artist Diego Tonus and a forger (Anonymous), revealing controversial thoughts related to contemporary systems that deal with the definition of value. Each artwork is a material translation of this conversation, in which the artist appropriated the forger's ideas, questioning the ‘counter' of counterfeiting. The works 'Private Conversations' and 'Timepiece' presented at Stroom Den Haag both deal with these aspects.

'Private Conversations' consists of seven positioned briefcases that are equipped with technologies that disrupt all analogue and digital audio signals. This installation becomes a platform enabling free discussions and exchange of varying expertise and legalities. The video 'Timepiece' symbolically offers a deconstruction of our system(s) of time, and thereby value. The mechanics of the first watch to travel to the moon are disassembled and hand-mounted, in order to put them back together again. It's a reminder of the way in which economic business models are created around memorable events, and so their relation to time and value are intertwined.

A project in collaboration with Jan van Eyck Academie (Maastricht) and MAMbo Museum (Bologna, Italy).
Part of Stroom's long-term program 'See You in The Hague', a multifaceted narrative about the ambitions and reality of The Hague as International City of Peace and Justice.

until 02 Jun
Artist: Helen Dowling
Helen Dowling

British artist Helen Dowling (b. 1982) uses a multitude of images that she has found, downloaded or made herself to create associative worlds that border on abstraction. Her atmospheric films play with rhythm, colour and sound, presenting an alienating view of our universe. From heavenly bodies to wandering humans, images appear in apparently random succession, creating hypnotic stories with no linear plot. The show at GEM will be Dowling’s first solo exhibition in a museum, and it will combine several video works and sculptures to create a total installation.

Curated by Carel Blotkamp
Artist: Carel Visser
Carel Visser: Genesis

Genesis is the first large retrospective of sculptor Carel Visser (1928-2015) in the Netherlands. Visser is undoubtedly one of the most important Dutch sculptors of the twentieth century. Museum Beelden aan Zee is honoured to open this exhibition to the public in the spring of 2019. His work is represented not only in the most important museum collections in the Netherlands but also abroad at the Tate and MoMA.

This retrospective provides a balanced overview of the work that Visser produced over a period of more than 60 years. While his sculptures are the focal point of the exhibition, ample attention is paid to his drawings, collages, graphics, utensils and jewelry, as they are all considered to be closely related components of his oeuvre.

until 18 Aug
Artists: Dick Verdult, Gijs Assmann, Helen Frik, Jennifer Tee, Koen Taselaar, Maartje Korstanje and Thijs Jaeger
Of Clay

‘Clay is a material you have to listen to’, artist Koen Taselaar discovered during his residency at ceramics centre Europees Keramisch Werkcentrum (EKWC), where renowned artists and promising new talents can experiment with clay to their heart’s desire. The EKWC is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year, and Gemeentemuseum Den Haag is showing installations by seven Dutch artists whose time at the centre had a major impact on their work. Dick Verdult, Gijs Assmann, Jennifer Tee, Helen Frik, Koen Taselaar, Maartje Korstanje and Thijs Jaeger all embarked on an adventure with ceramics, based on their own autonomous artistic practice

Artist: Maria van Kesteren
Maria van Kesteren – Form Variations

‘I am a woodturner, wood is my medium. I control it, it feels wonderful and smells fabulous. Unfortunately, wood also has two properties I am not fond of: colour and structure. It bothers me because it distracts from the form.’

Maria van Kesteren (b. 1933), the grande dame of woodturning, does not actually like wood. She is bothered by the appearance of the material, but she needs it to make the forms she wants to make. She is also constrained by her technique: a woodturner cannot escape the circle. For more than forty years Van Kesteren developed new variations within these functional constraints. Now 85 years old, she is no longer physically capable of making new work. The exhibition at Gemeentemuseum Den Haag will therefore be a fitting tribute to an idiosyncratic designer. It will feature works from her own collection, from private collections and from the generous gift that the museum received from the Altena Boswinkel Collection.

until 16 Feb
Artist: Tehching Hsieh
Time — Life

What is time? What is art? And how do we, human beings, relate to life? These are questions that occupy all of us, and weirdly enough we hardly ever dwell upon them. Performance artist Tehching Hsieh has devoted his life to the visualization of the intangible. For him, art is formed by life itself. ‘Art is not a career, not a profession, art is my life.’

For the world-famous Marina Abramović, the artist Tehching Hsieh is an example and ‘the master’. West is very proud to be able to present his work in the Netherlands for the first time. In a few offices on the ground floor of the former American embassy, his work will be exhibited continuously for a whole year. In April, Tehching Hsieh will come to The Hague for a personal lecture and some ‘Encounters’.

25 Mar 12 May
Curated by Vasyl Cherepanyn
Artists: Angelina Kariakina, Artur Zmijewski, Hito Steyerl, Oleksiy Radynski, Visual Culture Research Center, Kyiv, Ukraine and Yuriy Hrytsyna
Hybrid Peace

Vasyl Cheperanyn, director of Visual Culture Research Center (VCRC), presents the project Hybrid Peace, staging installations, screenings, and discussions. Hybrid Peace explores the politicality of truth through visual art and forensic knowledge. Over the course of a 7-week period the project will develop in multiple thematic directions around the concept of hybrid peace. A work-in-progress exhibition will be constructed, unfolding the concept of hybridity and its entanglements in Stroom's exhibition space.

07 Apr 12 May
Artist: Pat Andrea
Recent works Pat Andrea

Recent paintings and drawings by Pat Andrea

Artist: marcel van eeden
Jubilee 25 years Marcel van Eeden

Galerie Maurits van de Laar has represented artist Marcel van Eeden for 25 years! The first exhibition of Van Eeden was a solo in March 1994 at the former location of the gallery at Westeinde 203 in The Hague.
In order to celebrate this jubilee, the gallery presents an exhibition which is in part a retrospective of works that have been sold by the gallery over the years and partly consists of new works.
The exhibition is accompanied by a small publication with memories of buyers of their first encounter with Van Eeden's work.

18 Apr 21 Apr
Artists: Anastasia Loginova, Christian Roncea, Guilletta F. Pastorini Verastegui, Hannah Reede & Liza Houben, Katarine Juricic, Kiara Callendar, Marco Augusto Basso, Raphael Fisscher-Dieskau, Sebastian Scholz, Yungwei Zhang and others

One Nest Stand #29

Students of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts The Hague respond to the exhibition History is His Story, which builds on the mythical world described by musician, poet and visionary Sun Ra.

History is His Story is a group exhibition that is dedicated to the mythical world created by the musician, writer and visionary Sun Ra. In his mythical world Sun Ra found an alternative conception of dominant Western culture and history. His mythical world contained cosmological and futuristic elements and references to ancient Egyptian civilisation. The mythocracy, Sun Ra’s alternative to democracy, offers an escape from western rationalism and invites a magical holistic world view that transcends human and earthly history, therefore allowing us to visualise a better future.

For Mythocracy we invite students to consider the myth in past, present and future in the context of the exhibition History is His Story.

Opening: Thursday 18th of April 20.00-23.00

Artist: Emeli Theander
Emeli Theander | solo exhibition

Hoorn & Reniers presents the first solo exhibition of Swedish artist Emeli Theander (Göteborg, 1984) in the Netherlands. Theander studied under professor Valérie Favre and graduated in 2006 from the Academy of Arts in Berlin, where she lives and works. Theander has exhibited solo shows in Berlin, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Seoul and Brussels.

Curated by Frey Feriyanto
Artists: Inez Smit, Jan Van Der Pol, Jose den Hartog and Otto Egberts
Space and Infinity, Ieder de helft

A duo exhibition by Inez Smit (paintings) and Otto Egberts (paintings).

The work of Otto Egberts comes from a deep source, such as conscience from which one draws its infinity. The limitations of the canvas force Egberts to visual interventions on the given physical formats.
Inez Smit builds an endless space with subtle demarcations. Thin coloured lines and fine-spun relief are a combined result of her inner explorations.

In this duo exhibition 'Space and Infinity' a special project by the artists Jan van der Pol and José den Hartog is presented in parallel on the gallery floor, titled "Ieder de helft". Together they painted a series of ceramic plates, each one on one half the plate.

Curated by Silvia Bakker
Artists: Saša Tkačenko and Vladimir Miladinović
Your truth, interpretation and nostalgia

Both artists are Yugoslavia-born and relate to this background in their artistic practice. They hold on to and reflect on something non-existing. One refers only to the good, seductive Yugoslavia, a utopian country from the past. Whereas the other questions how media and institutions in the post-war societies create public spaces, consequently shaping collective memory. 

Saša Tkačenko is living as a constant nomad in the dead nation without any solution. He does not belong anywhere and because of this, he feels like a tourist. Stemming from particular social understandings and political phenomena, the motives in his art bring the timeless to the contemporary. This is achieved through concrete references to everyday life and popular culture, quotes, objects and symbols that have a specific meaning for each of us. 

Vladimir Miladinović speaks from the same background but he focuses on direct and specific events. His main interests lie with the politics of remembering, media manipulation and the creation and reinterpretation of history. His work, such as the landscape series ‘Disturbed Soil’, engages with war and post-war trauma. The images we see at first sight are beautiful landscapes, which we may enjoy without being familiar with the specific events to which it refers. This series deals with media, forensics, political and ethical identification and presentation of war crimes, but also with current transitional ideologies and art history. 

19 May 23 Jun
Curated by Catalijn Ramakers
Artists: Bob Bonies, Cor van Dijk, Joost Baljeu, Tomas Rajlich, Willy De Sauter and others
Bauhaus & Beyond

This exhibition presents Bauhaus furniture, Bauhaus related artists and artists inspired by Bauhaus.

In collaboration with Van den Bruinhorst gallery and Madelon Eekels

Artist: Tanja Ritterbex